Natural Liquid Deodorant - Scent Free

Natural Liquid Deodorant - Scent Free

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Ingredients:  Water, Potassium Alum Salt.

This unscented brine stops the growth of odor-causing bacteria while detoxifying the skin and body.  Expect increased sweating for the first few days of use especially if switching from an antiperspirant while the body flushes out toxins.

Use 2 - 5 sprays per arm (depending on hair).  Works for 12 - 24 hours.

Extreme overuse of essential oils can be very dangerous, and even fatal in rare cases(ingestion by children).  Always follow our General Safety Guidelines and dilute your oils.  Some people may have adverse or allergic reactions.  Do not ingest essential oil.  Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas.  Keep out of reach of children.  

All of our oils are of USDA certified organic origin, 100% natural, non-GMO, and Cruelty-Free, unless otherwise stated.  Any inquiries can be sent to